Nine Eleven Eighteen years Later



Twin Towers After Crash


                                              Nine-Eleven Eighteen Years Later

Junious Ricardo Stanton


Last week we commemorated the eighteenth anniversary of nine-eleven. I don’t refer to them as attacks because there has been no thorough investigation to determine if they were attacks by a foreign government, isolated “terrorists” or something far more nefarious and wicked.

Having witnessed first hand controlled demolitions in Philadelphia when I saw the Twin Tower buildings and later Building 7 come down, I know something was fishy about what we were told happened. I, like most Americans, watched television all day and night. I went to work that morning and I was at an institution that had the TV on when I arrived. By then the first plan had already struck one of the buildings and shortly thereafter the second building was hit.

Early on, I watched as a US congressman who was being interviewed openly called for an immediate investigation. He called it a major military failure. I thought to myself someone is in trouble, how could this have happened with all the military bases on the East coast, what about NORAD and the other agencies protecting the air space over the US, how could something like this happen?!

You know how the 24 hour cable and over the air stations continuously loop their breaking stories, interviews and videos over and over again, well by the afternoon, that particular interview and sound bite of the congressman was scrubbed from all the stations and probably completely wiped out. That was my second clue that something was amiss.

The very next day the government was saying Osama bin-Laden was responsible for the “attacks”. How did they know that? They never produced one shred of evidence then or since to prove bin-Laden was involved, let alone the mastermind of the events of that day. To this day the FBI’s own Website does not link Osama bin-Laden to 9-11.

I started doing some research and I came to the conclusion the government and the media were lying to us. And when I started looking for precedents and antecedents of the US government lying to its citizens particularly about attacks that led to wars, there was ample evidence. For example the Mexican American War the president said US troops were attacked on the Texas side of the Rio Grand when in fact US troops were deep inside Mexican territory provoking them when the Mexicans fired on them. The same thing with the Spanish American War; the US claimed the Spanish targeted the USS Maine and used it as a rallying cry for war against Spain. Investigations proved the Main exploded due to internal issues not a torpedo or canon! President Lyndon Johnson used the non-existent Gulf of Tonkin “attack” to justify escalating the war in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). But there was no attack on the US Navy ship at all, it was a lie!

Following 9-11 President George W. Bu$h claimed Osama bin-Laden was hiding in Afghanistan and demanded the Taliban rebels turn him over to the US. The Taliban merely asked Bu$h to supply the evidence or proof bin-Laden was the culprit. Bu$h told the Taliban we don’t have to give you anything and if you don’t turn him over we’re coming after him.  Bu$h used that as his excuse to invade an innocent, uninvolved sovereign nation. No Afghanis were involved in 9-11 the culprits were Saudis, Egyptians and a few others. The US sided with the Northern Alliance in their conflict with the Taliban and for a brief time drove the Taliban underground.. The US came in wrote a “constitution” for Afghanistan and installed a Quisling puppet in Kabul, Hamid Karzai  a man who had worked for Unocal the oil consortium that wanted to build pipelines across Afghanistan to transport oil and natural gas to Western markets..

What we weren’t told was during the spring and summer the US was telling its allies in Europe they were planning to invade Afghanistan in October of 2001. The BBC even did a report on the planned invasion in September of 2001. At home, we were given a steady diet of the sex scandal involving Congressman Gary Condit and an intern named Chandra Levy who the police knew was dead by the US corporate media. (They found her body in Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C.)

9-11 was used to push through the USAPATRIOT ACT which, by the way, was written way before 9-11 occurred. That legislation established the legal foundation for the police state we presently live under. Anthrax was used to intimidate the Democratic Senators who were not going along with Bu$h’s program.

The US invaded and occupied Afghanistan which was the linchpin of its bogus Global War on Terror and it has been occupying that country since October 7, 2001! Since then the US has invaded or instigated direct military action/intervention against: Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and sent troops into parts of Africa! This doesn’t count covert support for the so called “color revolutions” in places like Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine and now Hong Kong.  Under the guise of being the policeman for the whole world, the US has expanded its empire. Now Venezuela is in their crosshairs.

If you look at the natural resources under the ground in these places, the geostrategic significant of these countries you will see it is much deeper than going after terrorists. The US Empire is flexing its muscles trying to establish global hegemony. This is what the economic sanction on Russia, China, and the threats against the EU, Mexico and Canada are really about.

Since 9-11 the US ruling class has gone completely mad and despite their noble sounding rhetoric and propaganda have revealed to the whole world their megalomania and hubris.



What Is Epigenetics?

DNA hellix

What Is Epigenetics?

Junious Ricardo Stanton


Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression. ‘Ep’ means above- epigenetics means above the genes…Epigenetics proves that our body has the incredible ability to adapt and stay in health no matter what genes you have. This is the gift of God- that we are not victims of our biology but we are in control of it!” Epigentics How Your Mind Can Reprogram Your Genes


We are constantly being brainwashed, conditioned and subjected to mind entrainment by the corporate media which is owned by a select few, whose agenda is to control the flow of information and determine what we believe, what we buy and how we behave. They attempt to sell us foods that are not good for us and promote lifestyles that discourage optimal health. We are told we are helpless to alter our condition and our health is something we cannot affect, but this is not entirely true. There is hope; there is a branch of study called epigenetics that shows we can alter our DNA and health through our thinking, emotions and eating nutritious foods, that we are not victims of our ancestry or family health histories.

“Epigenetics is a branch of biology which studies how the development and functioning of biological systems are influenced by forces that operate outside of the DNA sequence. Within the past few years alone, remarkable discoveries have been made which demonstrate that our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and overall perception of the world/environment around us can actually have physical/biological effects on our DNA. Adding further complexity to our often mystifying genetic code, research from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia has shown that it’s possible for information to be inherited biologically through our DNA. More specifically, their research shows that behavior can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory.” Researchers Discover That Memories Can be passed Down Through Changes In Our DNA. Arjun Walia

We are more than mere flesh and blood; we are spiritual beings. There is a complex relationship between our thoughts, feelings and our physical wellbeing. “In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the foundation of epigenetics, and how the true secret to health does not lie within your DNA. Dr. Lipton explains that you have cell membranes and the DNA are inside them. The cell membranes ‘read’ all external signals coming from your environment and changes the genes inside accordingly. The external signals it reads are: thoughts, emotions, food/water, movement, air, noise, etc. So this means that what we eat, what we think, and how we feel CONTROLS how our genes are expressed- for better or for worse. Epigenetics proves that our body has the incredible ability to adapt and stay in health no matter what genes you have. This is the gift of God- that we are not victims of our biology but we are in control of it! Thinking affects gene expression in cells of the Brain and the rest of the Body. This in turn affects the structure, function, and the health of the Body. Toxic thinking harms the normal functioning of the Body.

This is not new. Our African ancestors knew this eons ago! That is why they placed such high value on living in harmony with the spirit world, the physical environment and each other.  (Read Self-Healing Power and Therapy, Old Teachings From Africa by Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU  1991 Vantage Press ) Spirit was a major factor in their lives. They realized subtle energies/vibration/frequencies permeated every facet of the physical world. To them the goal of life was to resonate harmoniously with the higher energies (spirits) so our lives and relationships are healthy, productive and fulfilling. This is huge, it means we can generate optimal health of our own volition!

Western science is now telling us what ancient Metaphysicians, mystics, shaman and traditional healers have known for centuries, that we can alter our current condition by taking action. “Over the past decades, epigenetic studies mainly have been focused on embryonic development, aging, and cancer. Presently, epigenetics is highlighted in many other fields, such as inflammation, obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and immune diseases. Because epigenetic modifications can be altered by external or internal environmental factors and have the ability to change gene expression, epigenetics is now considered an important mechanism in the unknown etiology of many diseases. Such induced epigenetic changes can be inherited during cell division, resulting in permanent maintenance of the acquired phenotype. Thus, epigenetics can provide a new framework for the search for etiological factors in environment-associated diseases as well as embryonic development and aging, which are also known to be affected by many environmental factors.” Epigenetics A New Bridge Between Nutrition and Health- Sang Woon Choi and Simonetta Frisco

Our healing, redemption and transformation are up to us. We are the only ones who can accomplish it. We can heal ourselves by changing our psychic/energetic environment, by raising the energy and vibrations in our immediate surroundings from negative to positive. This means being aware of the messages and energy in the music, televisions, movies, games as well as our daily conversations and interactions. We have to change our lifestyles by eating healthy foods, drinking clean water, getting adequate sleep/rest, meditating, redefining ourselves by realizing we are spiritual/energetic beings, and that giving up our maladaptive unhealthy behaviors is healthy not just for us but future generations. When we do this we’ll reverse the deadly pathologies permeating our communities.

We have innate power, intelligence and energy residing in us that can/will assist us, support us and enable us to transcend our current condition. We can save ourselves and our progeny. We just have to activate and actualize it.





Labor Day and the Decline of Organized Labor

Striking workers

Labor Day and The Decline of Organized Labor

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“In the 2015–16 election cycle, business outspent unions 16-to-1 –$3.4bn to $213m – according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Each year all of the nation’s unions spend about $48m on lobbying in Washington, while corporate America spends more than $2.5bn – more than 50 times as much. This has made many in Congress far more attentive to corporations than to workers, thus the rush to cut corporate taxes, but the failure to increase the minimum wage.” American unions have been decimated. No wonder inequality is booming. Steven Grenhouse


It never ceases to amaze me how people in the United States fail to see what is going on around them, how they fall for the proverbial okey-doke time and time again. The first Monday in September is a national holiday called Labor Day; it was created in 1894 to celebrate the hard fought advances organized labor has made on behalf of American workers and to encourage unions in their struggle for fair wages and improved working conditions. Today Labor Day is a mockery of why it was originally created and an insult to working people.

But no one seems to care or grasp the implications of the fact US union membership is in steep decline.  “In 2018, just 10.5% of American workers were members of unions, according to recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the lowest rate of membership since the bureau began collecting statistics in the early 1980s. Most analyses of pre-1980s union membership suggest it was close to 30% in the 1940s and 1950s. The drop has been particularly steep in the private sector. Just 6.4% of workers in the private sector are unionized, compared with 16.8% in 1983. On the other hand, government employee unions, like those for teachers and postal workers, have remained fairly strong, with a small decline from about 37% of the workforce in 1983 to 34% in 2018.”

American unions are declining in membership, influence and effectiveness. Some politicians still attend parades; give speeches and ramp up their campaigns around this time of year, but for all intents and purposes organized labor is comatose. This is not just because of the shift of economic activity away from industry and manufacturing to a more service oriented economy, hospitality and tourism, restaurants, healthcare etc. Today the US political climate is basically anti-union.

When Ronald Reagan decertified the Air Traffic Controllers Union and the national AFL-CIO leadership stood passively by and allowed him to do it, that sounded the death knell for union power and prestige. Unions were not seen as the heavyweights they once were and from then on both political parties all over the nation started to look elsewhere for campaign financing (aka bribes).

State legislatures around the country rushed to pass “right to work” laws that have effectively curtailed union membership and organizing. Right to work laws do not forbid unions, they provide a way for non-union employees to work and not have to pay union dues while still being covered by the collective bargaining agreement between the unions and management and ownership. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

But Americans still mindlessly celebrate Labor Day even as the 1% oligarchs and their bought and paid for politicians dismantle and undermine unions both in the public and private sectors. In recent years busting public worker unions has been a key plank in the Republican agenda.  The Koch brothers have greatly influenced the Republican Party with their money and political organizations and one of their tenants is union busting. But the Democrats under Bill Clinton and Al Gore moved the party farther to the right, courted big corporations and pretty much abandoned, except in rhetoric only, their support of organized labor.

So while both major political parties increasingly depend on corporations to fill their campaign coffers and they respond to the lobbying with favorable anti-union legislation, organized labor has literally been kicked to the curb. Clinton began this policy when he was governor of Arkansas and continued it when he was elected President. Under Clinton and his Democratic Party successors the party became Republican lite, especially when it came to working class polices and legislation.

Both political parties have ganged up against unions, both have effectively undermined organized labor and organized labor is in rapid decline; but Americans still celebrate Labor Day.




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Junious Ricardo Stanton


“About the last of August came in a Dutch man of warre the sold us twenty Negars” John Rolfe Jamestown Colony 1619


This year marks the four hundred anniversary of kidnapped Africans being brought to the shores of North America’s British Jamestown colony in 1619 by Europeans. Africans had been to this hemisphere as explorers from African and Asian Kingdoms (read They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima and When The World Was Black parts one and two by Supreme Understanding). Africans were also with the early European soldiers of fortune when they came to this hemisphere in search of riches and bounty.

In his book Before The Mayflower Lerone Bennett Jr. the late great editor, writer and historian makes it clear Africans not only had great civilizations in ancient times but also  had flourishing advanced kingdoms and cultures that were contemporary to Europe when the European nation states and trading companies embarked on their ventures of repine and plunder around the world.

Bennett’s book on the history of Africans in America points out that the “twenty and odd Negars” the Dutch pirates exchanged for food with the Jamestown colonists had been stolen by the Dutch pirates from a Spanish slaving ship. So the start of our sojourn in the North American British colonies was fraught with criminality and collusion between Europeans.

The Jamestown colony was established in 1607 by the Virginia Company that sent three ships: The Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery carrying 105 males to the “New World” to establish a productive colony.  The location selected to settle was chosen because it was deep enough to drop anchor, it was strategic for “defense” and it was not populated by indigenous people.

The Jamestown colony had a complicated history from its beginning. The men who arrived were not skilled farmers and knew nothing about the topography, climate or the environment they would encounter. The whites met the indigenous inhabitants and their relations with them soured almost immediately. Relations would have ended in disaster if it were not for the marital alliance that was forged when John Rolfe married Pocahontas the kidnapped daughter of Powhatan the tribal federation chief.  The original colonists did not fare well. Many died of starvation and even decided to abandon the colony. It would have died completely if new arrivals with food and supplies had not come to their aid.

In August of 1619 the colonists exchanged food for twenty kidnapped Africans who had been stolen from Africa by the Spanish who then set sail for the Caribbean but who were interdicted and stolen again by Dutch pirates. The Africans were stolen from what is now called Angola in Central Africa. The Africans were kidnapped but they were not slaves in Jamestown! Their status was just like that of the European indentured servants, at that time there was no racial caste or stigma. Their sole purpose was as laborers working to make the chartered Virginia Company and after that company collapsed in 1624, its successor, profitable. The arrangement with indentured servants meant that after a set period of working for the Virginia Company they were “free” to pursue on their own endeavors.

The fact of the matter is indentured servants European and African were treated horribly and their living conditions were extremely harsh. White indentured servants in the Caribbean rarely survived their term of indenture. Most whites never gained self sufficiency or freedom. The Jamestown colony in the beginning was no better.

The trading company needed laborers to make a profit especially once tobacco proved to be a lucrative “money crop”. Tobacco was labor intensive, it needed a lot of acreage, so the trading company imported more whites (poor English, Irish and others) and kidnapped Africans (who were brought here for their skills and knowledge). By the 1650’s the colonial administrators began to make distinctions based on ethnicity and class, English being the preferred class. .(Read In The Matter of Color Race and The American Legal Process The Colonial Period by A. Leon Higginbotham Jr.) This arrangement worked until the white and Black indentured servants banded together against the colonial administrators who had ignored their grievances and complaints.

In 1676 Black and white indentured servants banded together in armed rebellion led by landowner Nathanial Bacon a cousin of the Governor (by marriage). One of their grievances was the Governor was too lenient and protective of the natives refusing to allow the colonists to expand and openly steal their lands. The coalition fought and waged war against the Governor and the indigenous inhabitants.

Once Bacon’s insurrection ended (partially due to his death from fever and body lice) the colonial administrators moved to prevent any such coalition from ever happening again. The colonial planter elites began to fashion laws to distinguish white and Black status and eventually changed all Black indentured servants and bondsmen into permanent hereditary slaves consigned into a color caste system.

This legacy of economic exploitation, racial subjugation and oppression was codified in the newly created United States following independence from colonial status. Vestiges of this deeply rooted color caste and class system haunt us to this day.



Don’t Allow the 1% to Make Fools of You

hypnotists spiral


Don’t Allow The 1% to Make Fools of You

Junious Ricardo Stanton


The only way an extremely small percentage of the world’s population can rob, and hoard most of the wealth and manipulate and control the masses to work against their own best interests is to trick and dupe them into doing their bidding. The ruling classes don’t respect us; they view us as submissive sheep to be sheered and slaughtered at will. But they are not going to come out and say this in public, so they use fancy and noble sounding words and phrases and coercion to dupe and intimidate us into going along with their program and their okey-doke but upon closer examination this is exactly what they are doing and have done for thousands of years. Amos Wilson once said, “In sum, the ruling groups cannot maintain their hegemony and sustain socioeconomic inequality which are the foundations of their regency, without perverting the ostensible missions of the society’s sociopolitical institutions and utilizing them as instruments of oppression. In America this perversion must take place while the ruling groups hide their oppressive faces behind the seductive façade of democracy, liberty, equality, and brotherhood.” Black On Black Violence The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation In Service of White Domination page 46

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  George W. Bu$h a man no one ever accused of being brilliant said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” Our challenge as citizens of the world is not to be the ones the ruling classes concentrate on to hoodwink and bamboozle. But this is becoming more and more difficult every passing day due to the nefarious plotting and planning the ruling classes and their minions engage in for this very purpose.

Most of their cunning is done in secret and they use misdirection and deceit to execute their agenda. Most people in the US don’t know their ruling elites’ history of mind control, , they know very little about eugenics and population control, social engineering,  or their plans to reduce us to debt peons and wage slaves.

How is this possible? Because the ruling elites own the media and a handful of conglomerates control almost all media in the US  Their goal is to control our thinking, to mold our worldviews and create a fake reality within an ubiquitous Matrix we are unaware of through the use of algorithms to predict, manipulate and control our thinking, buying and behavior. I call it the three “B’s” what we believe, what we buy and how we behave.

The ruling classes have gotten us hooked and addicted to their “social media” which is even more pervasive than television. We are unaware that social media is the Trojan horse to access our minds. We buy it and use it because it is popular, it gives us “status” and we are made to think, by the PR and advertising companies owned or employed by the ruling classes, we cannot live without it. We never stop to think or ask is this spying on me, manipulating me or how this is affecting me.

The secret is, it is in a very cunning manner. “Algorithms are invisible pieces of code that tell a computer how to accomplish a specific task. Think of it as a recipe for a computer: An algorithm tells the computer what to do in order to produce a certain outcome. Every time you do a Google search or look at your Facebook feed or use GPS navigation in your car, you’re interacting with an algorithm. A new book by Hannah Fry, a mathematician at University College London, argues that we shouldn’t think of algorithms themselves as either good or bad, but that we should be paying much more attention to the people programming them. Algorithms are making hugely consequential decisions in our society on everything from medicine to transportation to welfare benefits to criminal justice and beyond. Yet the general public knows almost nothing about them, and even less about the engineers and coders who are creating them behind the scenes.”

The goal of the modern ruling class which includes corporate CEOs and both elected and non-elected officials is to create a social environment that is predictable for them because they control it. One of the ways they do this is to control what we watch, listen to, think and believe. They are not doing this for our benefit. Former CIA Director William Casey who served under Ronald Reagan said, “We’ll Know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” This is an actual quote and it is symbolic of the ruling class’ distain and intent for us. It is up to us not to allow them to dumb us down. There is no real red pill for us to take to wake ourselves up. What we have to do is to think for yourself, be skeptical, discerning and discriminating with your media consumption.





A Language and Culture of Violence

Black Buddha


A Language and Culture of Violence

Junious Ricardo Stanton


The United States of America is the most violent nation on this planet, bar none. Every week thousands of US citizens assault, beat, kill, verbally abuse and taunt their follow citizens, we cheer for our sports teams to pound their opponents into the ground and we consume countless hours playing violent video games, watching television, motion pictures and literature saturated with bloodshed, sadistic language and imagery.

The US is a gun culture; firearms are easily available, they are viewed as a civil and personal right and are held sacrosanct by the vast majority of Americans. They rationalize this by saying they are sportsmen, claiming they use their guns are for hunting and for protection. Who goes hunting with a large clip assault weapon?  How is that sportsmanship? Then when a Columbine Colorado, a Charleston South Carolina, an El Paso Texas and a Dayton Ohio occur we ask, how can this be, why is this happening?

The answer and reason are, America was birthed in violence. Almost immediately after Europeans made contact with the indigenous inhabitants of this hemisphere hostilities initiated almost always by the whites broke out and rapidly devolved into a deliberate and wholesale campaign of subjugation and genocide that continues to this very day. No matter which nationality whether French, Dutch, Spanish or English, the Europeans engaged in open violence towards the native population. They said this was their right, part of their “covenant with God” to capture these lands for their kings, Popes, the trading companies; this is a telling indictment against Western culture. The carnage and imperialism continues but today conquest is not for “God”, it is to spread democracy, capitalism, national security and secure “markets”.

We pretend violence is not deeply ingrained in this culture, we are total in denial that it is part of a collective ethos which is systematically and institutionally promoted and reinforced, because to admit this means, we have to discard the false narrative we’ve constructed about ourselves as the “good guys” the exceptional and indispensable nation.

When we are honest, we are forced to admit this is a violent, war loving nation. Our very language exposes this truth; stop and think about all the sayings and phrases we use every single day in so many situations, at work, about sports, dealing with others or just describing what we do that promote violence. To bring this point home here are just a few of them: when push comes to shove, tear it up, rip off, stabbed me in the back, go f___ yourself, bloodbath, Hulk out, battle royale , Chris Brown you, more bang for your buck,  fighting words, he or she broke my heart, punch in the gut, shooting holes in an argument, hit the jackpot, hit the road, pound it out, kick the sh___ out of someone, get away with murder, going in with guns blazing, knocked up, shoot yourself in the foot, going ballistic, canned, sudden death, thrash, whip, roll with the punches, weaponized, throw someone under the bus, he or she bombed, stomp it out, snuffed out, take no prisoners, get in someone’s face or space, crush, beat down, fight for, battle , kick ass, slap you into next week, slap yo’ momma, take our best shot, shoot for the moon, war on drugs, war on crime, slain in the spirit, conquer your fears, killing me softly, you’re killing me, so and so blew up, Bogart, bum rush, brow-beat etc. I could go on but you get my drift.

Violence in America is personal and collective. African-Americans have been the victims of both overt and covert violence ever since we were forced here. In fact this summer (2019) marks a hundred years since the infamous “Red Summer” when whites went berserk and initiated wholesale violence and terrorism against Blacks not only in the South but in cities all across the county. Red Summer was a deliberate campaign to terrorize and intimidate Blacks to keep us “in our place” following WWI, the war the warmongers and propagandists said was fought to: make the world safe for democracy because it was the war to end all wars!

When you study American history you discover up until the 1960’s the phrase “race riot” meant mobs of white folks collectively unleashing unrestrained violence on Black people. Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 is but one example. We have lived with this psychopathy for four hundred years in this country.

Internally our community is also plagued with externally induced but self-inflicted violence be it verbal, psychological and/or physical. This internal violence is the result of the massively racist anti-African programming we have been subjected to and internalized to the point we detest ourselves and those who look like us. This self hatred and self negation makes it easy for so many of our people to engage in maladaptive behaviors such as selling lethal drugs to children, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, knowingly allowing ourselves to be used to desecrate, degrade and defile our people in our music and visual images in an attempt to gain fame and fortune in what the late psychologist Dr Amos N. Wilson called “service to white supremacy”.

We know the problem, what’s the solution? Its simple, love; love is the answer. Love yourself and love others in the same manner and degree you love yourself. This is the first step in solving the violence problem. Thousands of years ago the Buddha said, “In this world hatred ceases not with hatred, but only by love, this is the eternal rule.” This saying has been repeated by many Avatars, mystics, poets and philosophers.  It is a universal truth. The esoteric core of most organized religions contains this message, but the ruling elites suppress it because our anger, hatred, division and self-negation allow them to manipulate us so they remain in power.

As Marvin Gaye wrote and sang in his song Wholly Holy “We can rock the world’s foundation everybody, together, and wholly holy we’ll holler love, love, love across the nation, wholly holy together and holy we proclaim love our salvation.” Love is the answer, we can do this.



Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Trade Wars

                                              Unintended Consequences of Trump’s Trade Wars

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Vietnam has benefited from a surge in exports and foreign investment as businesses look to scale back their China operations or relocate to avoid higher U.S. tariffs. But it’s also fighting claims that Chinese exporters are routing their goods via Vietnam and slapping fake labels on their products to bypass the tariffs.”


Trump’s ongoing trade wars are resulting in numerous unintended consequences such as other nation’s leaders being both leery and weary of Trump’s policies and aggressively scrambling to circumvent his tariffs against China, the EU and other nations.

As I mentioned in a previous commentary, China, Mexico, India and places like Viet Nam are not “stealing American jobs” as Trump disingenuously claims. Investors, venture capitalists, corporations and multi-national businesses seeking cheaper labor, access to cheaper raw materials, lower taxes, less government regulation and cheaper operating costs have shipped capital and jobs overseas to increase their bottom line.

Trump plays on the ignorance of his voting base and Americans in general to demonize foreign leaders because the US has massive trade imbalances with their countries. But when you look past Trump’s jingoist rhetoric, you discover the trade imbalances are due to Western globalization (neocolonialism) which was pushed by the US ruling class, backed by American politicians at the expense of American workers!

Trump’s response has been to threaten, demonize and impose tariffs which so far are not having the desired results of bringing China to the negotiating table and caving in to Trump’s demands or boosting US trade around the world. Trump’s tariffs against China and China’s tit for tat responses are negatively impacting the bottom line of US farmers, businesses and investors and will hurt US consumers. The raising costs of the trade wars and concurrent inflation will severely impact US consumers because it is the consumers who pay the added costs of the duties and tariffs not the exporting nation!

To avoid the added expense of Trump’s tariffs some US companies placed large orders prior to Trump’s Tariffs going into effect. Some US businesses are rerouting their Chinese made products through Viet Nam and changing the labels to avoid paying the tariffs while others are increasing their investments in Viet Nam and setting up their manufacturing plants and factories there.

Viet Nam is experiencing an economic boom in part due to the US – China trade war.  “Vietnam is flying high these days on nearly all metrics. Gross domestic product (GDP) is projected to grow 7%, foreign direct investment (FDI) is fast rising and a newly signed free trade agreement with Europe promises new privileged access to rich export markets. The only fly in the anointment comes from across the ocean in Washington, the capital of its former battlefield adversary where the unpredictable US President Donald Trump is waging trade wars on various fronts. Vietnam has so far been a big winner of the Sino-US trade war. That’s been seen in booming Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows from China, both from foreign and Chinese companies relocating their production facilities to Vietnam to avoid US tariffs, and subsequent rising exports to the US. Vietnam has so far been a big winner of the Sino-US trade war. That’s been seen in booming FDI inflows from China, both from foreign and Chinese companies relocating their production facilities to Vietnam to avoid US tariffs, and subsequent rising exports to the US. ” No Stopping Viet Nam’s Trade War Juggernaut- Peter Janssen

Viet Nam offers cheaper labor, cheaper even than China. “Vietnam has a large, fairly well-educated work force who earn factory wages that are one third of China’s, half of Thailand’s and less than Indonesia’s or the Philippines.” Ibid

Viet Nam is making deals with Europe and its’ Asian neighbors and interestingly enough now Viet Nam has a growing trade surplus against the US. “The country has gone from being the 12th largest source of US imports in 2018 to ranking 8th at the end of May this year, with the US importing $25.8 billion worth of Vietnamese goods and only sending $4.2 billion of exports to Vietnam in return. That’s made Vietnam 5th worldwide in terms of trade surpluses with the US, trailing only China, Mexico, Japan and Germany, according to US Census Bureau figures.” Ibid

Now Trump is casting a menacing eye towards Viet Nam! If the only tool you have is a hammer you tend to treat everything like it’s a nail. This is what Trump is doing with global trade. “Just last month, the U.S. Treasury added Vietnam to a watch list of countries it’s monitoring for possible currency manipulation. The nation’s benchmark VN Index slumped 1.7% Thursday, to the lowest since Feb. 12.”

Currency manipulation is another one of Trump’s disingenuous charges what is the Federal Reserve Bank’s Qualitative Easing and Qualitative Tightening but inflationary and deflationary monetary policy? Keep an eye on this situation because it could mean another nation Trump will antagonize and alienate with his misguided tariffs and trade policies.