The Hate You Give

       The Hate You Give                                                 

                                                The Hate You Give


            The Hate You Give is a film directed by George Tillman Jr. that addresses contemporary issues with enough twists and turns that make it more than a polemic against police brutality or race and class stratification in America. The film is in limited distribution at select theaters so you have to look for it and see it before it is pulled from circulation.

The film takes a panoramic and intense look at urban life, race, and class through the eyes of a light complexioned Black high school student who lives in the hood but attends a bougie white suburban prep school so she can get a “better education”. She lives in a two parent home, her mother is a nurse and her father owns and operates a grocery store in the community where they live. Her dad is a reformed gang banger who spent three years in prison who is the alpha male for his family which includes his wife Lisa played by Regina Hall, their daughter Starr, her older half brother Seven and younger brother. There is great love and affection in the nuclear family especially between Maverick (Mav) Carter played by Russell Hornsby and Hall; but they disagree over whether to remain in the old neighborhood or move out. Lisa the mother wants to move out of the neighborhood.

Amanda Stenberg who plays Starr Carter the budding scholar-athlete has a white boyfriend but she is not sexually active.  Living in the hood Starr knows the deal and clearly sees the stark distinctions between white privilege and Black deprivation. She knows first hand the violence of the inner city.

Starr’s uncle, her mother’s brother Carlos, is a policeman who helped the family out when her father was in prison and became a surrogate father for Starr. Starr has a close relationship with her uncle that becomes stressed when Starr experiences first hand the tension between the police and community, the nuances of race, class and the prevailing notions about “snitching” in the hood.

Without giving anything else away, violence touches Starr in an intimate way which forces her to grapple with her double sided existence. Her life is much more complicated than telling her father about her white boyfriend as she is subsequently forced to deal with deep loss and its emotional and socio-political aftermath.

Starr is forced to make serious decisions based upon her experiences and its concomitant trauma while coming to grips with whether or not she should do the right thing. We watch as this unfolds in scenarios and situations all too familiar in modern America.

The film’s characters are not portrayed as superficial caricatures of young people and adults. This is a complicated film about a myriad of complex issues which under Tillman’s direction, the actors are able to pull off admirably. Deep conflicts and tensions exist throughout the film based upon the various back stories and current events but the characters handle the juxtaposition of the past and their present realities and predicaments well and believably.

The film provides many messages but the late Tupac Shakur’s THUG LIFE acronym, meaning the hate you give little infants f’s everyone provides the emotional foundation of the film. All sides of the issues are depicted but the only issue and virtue the film trumpets are courage and reliance.

Go see The Hate You Give before it is pulled from theaters.



Share Your Blessings

Booker T Washington quote

From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Share Your Blessings


            “Be generous as long as you live. What goes into the storehouse should come out… Generosity is a memorial for those who show it, long after they have departed” – Ancient African wisdom saying


One of the qualities of African people was generosity; sharing and assisting others. When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of money but I saw my mother give to others when they were in need. Sacrifice is a form of giving, giving your time, resources, the wisdom you have accumulated over the years so someone else can benefit. We have to get back to sharing and not be so self-absorbed, self-centered and selfish.

Unfortunately a lot of Black people think you have to be rich to give or to be a philanthropist. No so any and everyone can give.  The word philanthropy comes from the Greek; philos meaning to love, anthropos man, to love man or humanity. People think you have to be rich to be a philanthropist due to the work of a slick PR pioneer named Ivy Lee. Lee was a newspaper reporter who quit his newspaper job and began helping politicians run their election campaigns. He and a man named George Parker formed Parker and Lee the third PR firm in US history. Lee believed in working with the press and created the press release.

Another one of Lee’s major accomplishments was changing the public image of John D. Rockefeller Jr. The Rockefeller family was hated following the Ludlow Massacre when Rockefeller had striking Colorado coal miners who were striking one of  his family’s mines expelled from their company owned homes and had the tents they were forced to live in destroyed killing forty people and wounding hundreds.

Lee met with the miners and created a media campaign featuring pictures of him (Lee) and Rockefeller meeting with the miners union, dancing with their wives and planting positive stories about Rockefeller in the media. Lee’s efforts helped quell public animosity towards Rockefeller.

Image makers like Lee depicted the robber barons as philanthropists because they created foundations to hold onto their wealth but gave money to charity at the same time. This is where the American notion that you have to be rich to be a philanthropist originated.

African people on the other hand always knew the power of cooperation and sharing as their style was communal living whether they were herders or sedentary agriculturists. Cooperative work, responsibility and sharing the fruits of collective endeavors are part of our history. Mutual aid and support were always integral parts of African culture even during our enslavement in this country.

Today we live in a culture where people are fixated on themselves the so called “selfie generation”. If we are to grow, evolve and prosper socially and financially as a collective we have to return to our African roots, values and ways. Even the poorest Africans share.

When most of our people resided in the south, we had a tradition of helping, sharing and mutual aid. We have to get back to and improve that tradition! A 2012 report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation entitled “Cultures of Giving: Energizing and Expanding Philanthropy by and for Communities of Color”, stated African-Americans were more likely to “give back to their community: than other ethnic groups.  “African-Americans, for instance, give away 25 percent more of their income per year than whites and 63 percent of Latino households now make charitable donations. People of color are also growing in size and their assets are increasing as well.” And this report was formulated after the devastating economic crash of 2008 that saw many African-American families’ wealth wiped out or greatly reduced.

An article about Black giving highlighted our history of philanthropy. “The WKKF data also shows significant growth in ‘identity-based-philanthropy’, where the incentive is to give is based on race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. The study, though, acknowledges African-Americans have a long history of philanthropic giving, with its first funds established in the 1920s. ‘Across communities, growth rates have varied but African-American funds have had the most consistent growth over time, increasing modestly each decade since the 1970s,’ says the report…It is not surprising black Americans are such generous givers. This commitment to give something back to society, especially to people of color, is best looked at in the context of a history of racism and oppression. In the early days of slavery the black church, with its emphasis on giving, played a central role in aiding the community. As the fight for equality intensified, African-Americans made significant contributions to the civil rights movement, ranging from financial aid to helping organize NAACP events. From this struggle for equality black people developed a loosely defined kinship, strong networks of mutual aid and sensitively towards the less fortunate.”

Let’s build upon this great tradition and step up our giving and philanthropic efforts. Share what you have, share your blessings.





Wisdom vs Foolishness




                                                        From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

Wisdom vs. Foolishness


“People do not take you seriously if you do not take yourself seriously”- Dr. Naim Akbar


In his book Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery Dr. Na’im Akbar addresses the continuing after effects of African enslavement and the deleterious impact the Western desecration/dehumanization process has had on African people. In the section called Psychological Legacy of Slavery, Dr Akbar examines various aspects of the enslavement ethos and resulting pathologies they generate even to this day.

One maladaptive response to oppression and enslavement is that of “the clown”. He says, “It is easy to observe that man exalts in his superiority over lower animals by teaching them to do tricks and being entertained by those tricks. In much the same way the slave owner prided himself in his superiority by being entertained by the slave…Using a person for your clown has always been one of he major ways to assert your dominance over a person.” Page 18

While Dr, Akbar raises salient points when he discusses the enslavers’ attacks on resistance and righteous black leadership to keep us subservient and passive, I want to focus on the clowning of our people, reducing us to buffoons and caricatures of our divine selves.

To be successful enslavers must beak our spirits to discourage any attempts at rebellion, liberation, self and group restoration and transformation. One of the ways they do it is by openly rewarding behaviors that maintain their illusion of superiority, promotes our inferiority and stifles any attempts at obliterating the existing power advantage enjoyed by the enslavers.

This is why they denigrate our heroes like Nat Turner, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad and revise or trivialize the accomplishments of people like Ida B Wells, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X.

Today our modern enslavers, our psychological jailors reward “entertainers” who push the envelop, by acting more ratchet, profane and ignant while the system makes sure conscious artists struggle to get exposure. On the other hand we see them rewarding Blacks who openly work to maintain white domination and empire over their own people and the world.

In this Eurocentric social/political milieu we have been conditioned to believe the only way to “succeed” is to emulate Europeans, in other words don’t be who the CREATOR made you, be a fake and a fraud. This process leads to psychological distress, self-debasement and is expressed in the myriad maladaptive responses to oppression and  the menticide we see in our communities and around the world.

Being divine souls we do have a choice; we can continue to be the white man’s clowns and lackeys or we can resist and return to our ancient African wisdom and apply our wisdom teachings that are thousands of years old. We can hold fast to the ancient admonition “Know Thyself” and begin the journey of self-discovery, re-Africanization, self- actualization, self and community repair.

African people have always valued wisdom; which has nothing to do with formal education (indoctrination). Our transplanted ancestors who were denied formal education here called wisdom “mother wit”. In Africa we had long traditions of cultivating, rewarding and celebrating wisdom, good character and righteousness and leaving a legacy promoting those virtues. The oldest writings in the world addressing and promoting good character are found in the African Nile Valley’s Teaching of Ptahhotep, The Book of Coming Forth By Day and the Book of Creations. In the Nile Valley writing, Mdw Ntr (what the ignorant Greeks called hieroglyphics), was considered sacred, a means of cultivating good character and godliness.

Africans throughout the continent also used oral instruction as a means to inculcate and cultivate wisdom and good character. Fables, parables and stories were used to teach valuable lessons, stimulate wisdom, good character and social harmony. Anansi the spider was a common story telling character in West Africa.

Let us return to valuing wisdom and good character and abstain from foolishness and the cultural treachery that dishonors us and our ancestors.




Profundity vs Profanity



                                                        From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                   Profundity vs. Profanity


Profundity: A statement or idea that shows great knowledge or insight.

Profanity: showing no respect for a god or a religion, especially through language 2. an offensive or obscene word or phrase:


We find ourselves in a protracted life and death struggle grappling with a massive mind control and socialization infrastructure designed to destroy our minds, further desecrate us as spiritual being of African descent, dehumanize us and recast us as fiendish caricatures created by psychopaths. Every day we are confronted with a challenge: being our true profound selves or being profane buffoons and degenerates. Because we do not know our history, who we are, what our ancestors accomplished before the coming of the invaders, we know nothing of our people’s resilience, resourcefulness and strength in the face of centuries of ruthless relentless assault, degradation and oppression and our acquiescence to the psychological domination of the oppressor we are rapidly allowing them to reshape our consciousness and behavior.

We are the victims of societal and institutionally induced amnesia and psychosis; what Edward Wilmot Blyden called the “slavery of the mind”, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois called it “the double consciousness”, Dr. Bobby Wright called it “menticide” and Dr Amos N. Wilson referred to as the falsification of African consciousness.

Every day we see our maladaptive responses to this amnesia/psychosis in our collective disunity, our failure to act based upon our enemies overt and covert assaults on our being; but more importantly we have abandoned our eons old history and pattern of what our venerated warrior scholar/ancestor Mzee Jedi Shemsu Jehewty, (Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers) called African Deep Thought.

Africans created and developed philosophies, cosmologies, strategies for living, human organization and governance thousand of years before there were Europeans. Ancient Africans postulated the nature of the universe, the nature of being even down to the mundane aspects of living in harmony with the environment and society. Africans understood the power of sounds, words, language and speech. To them speech was divine part of our innate spiritual being.

Our only hope to save the planet, ourselves and humanity is returning to our ancient ways, the process the Akan people of West Africa call Sankofa “to go back and fetch”. What does that mean? It means to rediscover our history, our legacy and our traditions. It means to relearn and reconnect with our ancient wisdom and power. We have to return to seeing ourselves as offshoots of the CREATOR with latent skills, powers and an unbreakable link/connection to the UNIVERSE. We have to rediscover what it really means to be in the image of God. We must relearn what Ubuntu and Ma’at mean; those profound ideas about being and living that are thousands of years old.

All indigenous African people have a rich legacy of spiritual awareness, metaphysics and practical application of our ancient wisdom and knowledge. One of the oldest and rudimentary notions of ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the divinity of man, the need and responsibility of society to teach, cultivate and actualize the essence of our inner self. The so called coffin texts and the Kemetian Mystery System reiterate this notion of godly potential and possibilities. (Read Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James, The Book of Coming Forth By Day interpreted by Maulana Karenga, Mdw Nter Divine Speech by Jacob H. Carruthers, Nuk Au Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen and A Life Centered Life Living MAAT by Rkhty Amen to grasp how deep our African ancestors were/are)

Cultivating our divine potential is a profound idea. These ideas seem strange and blasphemous to people indoctrinated into Eurocentric religious, cultural and historical beliefs; nevertheless they are African and true. We must also realize these ancient African ideas were plagiarized, distorted and perverted by the Eurasians and used against us in their megalomaniacal quest for domination, empire and hegemony whether they were Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs or Europeans.

The invaders, usurpers, occupiers and oppressors deliberately and forcibly suppressed our profound knowledge and wisdom (spiritual science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics and healing) and replaced them with aspiritual, profane and distorted notions about the nature of the universe, man and the meaning of life itself. The Eurasians never developed nor do they fully resonate with the profound African concept of Ubuntu, “I am because we are, we are because I am”. It means I exist because the universe exists; the universe exists because I exist, we are one, inseparable and interdependent.

The Europeans’ alienated notions of self are best summarized in the adage “I think therefore I am”. Once their barbarian minds could grasp a limited comprehension of African profundity (for example the principles of energy making up matter and the power of vibration) they began using them against us and the planet.  The Eurasian ruling class can fathom neither Ma’at, nor Mdw Nter (Divine Speech) so chaos, violence, war, disruption, lies and deceit form the ethos of their tribal culture and their driving MO for cultural imperialism.  Their language reeks of violence and domination.

To save ourselves and the world we have to return to our African Deep Thought, African profundity. We must reject our oppressors’ profane, vulgar values and anti-life “lifestyles”. It all comes down to profundity vs. profanity.





Nation Wide Prison Strike

      The Poor Get Prison                                             



                                                   From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                  Nation Wide Prison Strike


“The Nationwide Prison Strike, scheduled to last from Aug. 21 to Sept. 9, is centered around 10 specific policy demands. These demands include significantly reducing the number of people in jail and prison, improving prison conditions, properly funding rehabilitation, and addressing racism throughout the criminal justice system.”  Janos Marton


While the corporate media is fixated on the bogus “Russia Did It” meme, the daily craziness within the Trump administration and the latest celebrity doings, a national strike is being totally ignored. The prison strike was called following the deaths of seven inmates at the Lee “Correctional” Institution in South Carolina that also left numerous inmates injured. Inmates at the Lee “Correctional” Institution reached out to inmates around the country calling for the organization of a nation wide prison strike to call attention to the horrific conditions in the US gulag system.

Contrary to popular misconception, prisons are not about rehabilitation, corrections or punishment; they are about social control and forced labor! Prisons have a sordid history in the formation of this country as many “colonists” were released from British prisons and sent to “the New World” to toil to enrich the monarchs and trading company partners and shareholders.  “The British were noted for transported prisoners out of England to be made to work at their numerous colonies. From 1615 to 1870, more than 200,000 criminals were conditionally pardoned, exiled, and transported to penal colonies. Before 1775, more than 50,000 prisoners were sent to America—primarily to Virginia and Maryland. With the American Revolutionary War, then from 1788 to 1869, more than 160,000 prisoners were sent to the British Colony of Australia.”

The British ruling class passed laws designed to create “criminals” they could then use to do their bidding. They passed the so called “enclosure laws” to clear and isolate land specifically for sheep growing.  “As historian Howard Zinn wrote, ‘the development of commerce and capitalism in the 1500s and 1600s, the enclosing of land for the production of wool, filled the cities with vagabond poor.’ England dealt with the crisis much like contemporary America deals with our similar crisis of poverty, hunger, unemployment, and homelessness: by criminalizing the poor. In other words, making the conditions and social realities of poverty illegal in order to get people off the streets and warehoused in jails and poorhouses. Beginning in the mid-1550s, increasing numbers of laws were passed making it illegal for people to do much of what poor people generally did to survive. It became illegal to beg, it became illegal to sleep in the open (in other words, to be homeless), it became illegal to be ‘Minstrells wandring abroade,’ it even became illegal for ‘comon Labourers’ to refuse employment or to loiter while unemployed. In fact, a new category of criminal was created to deal with poor people: ‘rogues’ and ‘vagabonds’ If you were a woman, you ran the risk of all of the above plus being charged with ‘loose morals,’ especially if you were raped or accused of prostitution. And if you became pregnant without being married, you were arrested because having a child ‘out of wedlock’ was against the law, though only for the woman, not the man. In 1606, while all these ‘vagabonds,’ and ‘rogues,’ and homeless unemployed peasants were being imprisoned in increasingly overcrowded prisons and poorhouses, the new English colony of Virginia was established by the Virginia Company. But the company soon found they were having difficulty convincing people to sink their money into ship passage that equaled roughly half the average person’s annual income in order to work in a mosquito-ridden swamp. And the living conditions, according to economist David Galenson, were primitive camps under ‘quasi-military conditions’ with a ‘high rate of mortality and scanty food.’ What was worse, by 1612, the company’s colonial governor began dealing out harsh punishment for the workers who ran away and were recaptured. According to company documents: ‘Some he apointed to be hanged Some burned Some to be broken upon wheles, others to be staked and some to be shott to death.’ Hardly the best way to attract paying ‘investors’ in your swampland-in-Virginia scheme.” Indentured Servitude and the Prison Industrial Complex

Thus the British poverty to prison pipeline was established and this system spread when the Anglo Saxons invaded and occupied Ireland and the other isles. They firmly relocated this system in the “New World” colonies but had difficulty recouping their investment (the real reason for trading company colonization) because the whites were unproductive and physically too weak to survive the harsh conditions; so Africans were imported and British (and European) profitability skyrocketed!

Today the same MO and playbook continues. We are familiar with the post Civil War Black Codes and convict leasing practices; all forms of slavery. Today these policies and practices continue on steroids because prisons are highly profitable and they still fill the ruling class’ need for social control!

Conditions in US prisons have always been deplorable and this trend has escalated with the advent of private for profit prisons as numerous investigations and reports have revealed.

This is why prisoners are engaged in a national prison strike. No nation on earth; not China not Russia imprisons more of its “citizens’ than the United States! Race and class are key determinants in who goes to prison. Violence and brutality have always been endemic within the US colonial and national penal system and that tradition continues unabated today.

But news about the current prisoner strike is being suppressed by the corporate media. There has been scant coverage on the cable news giants and network “news”. We need to familiarize ourselves with the issues and why the strike is taking place. The strike is scheduled to end on September 9th. Please take time to review the facts at:, and to learn about their demands and how we can be supportive.






The War Going On All Around Us

 Yes We Plan to Rule The World                                                  

                                                               From The Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                        The War Going On Around Us


“The civilized have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their ‘vital interests’ are menaced and think nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the ‘sanctity’ of human life or the ‘conscience’ of the civilized world” James Baldwin


We are in a protracted struggle for the survival and wellbeing of every person on this planet and the very life/survival of the planet itself. Because of the effectiveness of the mind control, mind entrainment, programming and socializing apparatus of the psychopathic ruling class (the real enemies of the world) most of us don’t realize we are in a war nor that we are their prey. The megalomaniacal psychopaths hell-bent on owning and controlling the world are unredeemably wicked. They do not value life on any level except their own. They have a disregard for human, plant and animal life and are propagating a global agenda of depopulation, terraforming, subjugation and domination to transform the world into a hellish nightmare.

The Matrix films offer a look into the dystopian world the 1% is working feverishly to bring about, a world where soulless cold blooded algorithms, artificial intelligence, perverse technologies designed to alter the natural order are created, programmed and let loose on a duped and unsuspecting society. These technologies will change the world and enslave us all in a nightmare so horrific it will make the zombie movies and the Walking Dead TV series seem like upbeat fairy tales. Alas, there is no red pill we can take to wake us up; we have to do this on our own!

These maniacs are committed to a global agenda of massive population reduction to make it easier for them to control and exploit humanity and expropriate the world’s resources. ,  Their agenda also calls for transforming the remaining human population into automatons, literal zombies and cyborgs.

Of course for public consumption, the ruling elites couch their plans and agenda in terms of improvement and ways that will make life better as opposed to their real programs of murder, genocide and enslavement.  The key to their success is to treat us like mushrooms, kept in the dark and feed cow dung, so we have no idea what they are doing to us or how diabolical their agenda really is.

In addition to distracting us with inane frivolities, fake news, and disinformation, we are being conditioned and programmed to be devoid of empathy, desensitized and oblivious to the suffering the vampires are wrecking on the planet in pursuit of their gluttonous agenda. To succeed they must cause the vast majority of humanity to ignore our spiritual core and turn away from eons of cooperation, close knit families, communal and collective organization. The corporate media which is owned by a handful of multinational conglomerates promote dysfunction, conflict, profanity and vulgarity, violence, greed, selfishness and alienation under the guise of information, entertainment and “being hip”. Celebrities and role models are created to mesmerize the masses who foolishly imitate what they see them doing and the media reinforces these values and behaviors so we become even more detached from our inner selves, each other and reality.

The gadgets and gizmos we are brainwashed to buy and use are designed to take us further into the abyss of their phony “virtual reality”, created and controlled by those who hate us and want to further enslave us. All these things are in plain sight if you are open and aware. But the goal of the 1% is to keep us comatose, brain-dead and so distracted and afraid we don’t see it for what it really is.

How can we save ourselves and the planet? First we have to believe we can do it, that we can win. The 1% promotes disempowerment, division, passivity and conformity, divide and rule. Their institutions teach us, “you can’t fight city hall”, “resistance is futile” but we have seen in our life time victory is possible. The Occupy Wall Street movement woke people up, that’s why Obama and the 1% shut it down! Black Lives Matter energized the younger generation but we must go deeper and expand it on a spiritual level!

The key to our survival is to learn to truly love ourselves, then relearn and return to our African roots of Ubuntu and Ma’at.  At their core, Ubuntu and Ma’at are spiritual concepts that naturally resonate in our inner being: “I am because we are” and Ma’at stands for/symbolizes DIVINE ORDER, TRUTH, HARMONY, BALANCE, JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and RECIPROSITY. Ubuntu and Ma’at are inherent in the UINVERSE and their energy and vibration are all around us. We must embrace them because they are what we need to survive. We merely have to tune into their omnipresent frequency through disciplined inner listening, implement and actualize them in our daily lives. The return to the aboriginal and indigenous ways of our ancestors is our only chance to survive.







America Steeped in Addiction



                                                            From the Ramparts

Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                        America, Steeped in Addiction     


“Addiction brings financial and legal problems (property and violent crimes) and increases domestic violence, child abuse, unplanned pregnancies and motor vehicle accidents. Addiction is also highly prevalent among jail and prison inmates and in many instances, played a role in their incarceration. Yet and perhaps this is the most important- if not troubling- finding of all. Only one in ten people with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs report receiving any treatment at all. Compare this to the fact that about 70 percent of people with hypertension or diabetes do receive treatment.” A Blind Eye to Addiction, Lloyd Sederer


America is imploding and unraveling by quantum leaps and bounds. By all accounts we are a society in precipitous decline: morally, socially and economically and all these facets are interrelated and interconnected. One of the most telling examples of this decline is the rising rate of addiction among all ethnic, socio-economic and age demographics.

Addiction is not just relegated to alcohol and illegal drugs. Americans are addicted to a plethora of substances. For example, 61 million Americans are hooked on cigarettes, 16-20 million are addicted to alcohol or abuse it regularly, 15 million smoke marijuana, 2.4 million use cocaine, 600,000 use crack, hundreds of thousands are hooked on heroin, more than 750,000 are methamphetamine users, 1 million use ecstasy and hallucinogens, almost 2 million of our children have used steroids, 4.5 million teens abuse controlled prescription dugs like OxyContin, Ritalin, and Adderall to get high.

Addiction takes a devastating toll on the social and economic fabric of the country. It is similar to moths and worms eating away at the fibers and weaving of your clothing, eventually the garment falls apart and is no good. For insight into how addiction and substance abuse negatively impacts US culture go to,  and .

Addictions of all types are destroying this country but this is neither new nor unique to this generation. History reveals addictions; moral rot, hubris and overreach bring empires to their knees not external foes! When Europeans arrived on theses shores, they found millions of indigenous people who introduced them to tobacco. Over the centuries the nicotine in tobacco became addictive to generations of humanity. But the Europeans also brought their addiction to imported sugar, raised it here and exported it back to Europe.

The British brought their addiction to tea (and caffeine) with them when they invaded this hemisphere. Tea was originally cultivated in China in ancient times and first introduced to Britain in the 1600’s by the East India Trading Company (aka English East India Company and later Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies) a monopoly trading company that in addition to trading in tea, spices, silk and cotton, also enslaved Africans mostly from East Africa and Madagascar and they traded in opium from India.

The East India Company was a forerunner of today corporations. They attempted to force the Chinese to accept trade in opium but the Emperor refused. The Europeans set up smuggling rings that the Chinese attempted to bring to an end. This brought on the Opium Wars (1839-1842 and 1856-1860) that totally defeated the Chinese (the Europeans has superior weapons and ships) and busted down the barriers to European “trade” in China. The Chinese never forgot their humiliating defeat at the hands of the Westerners.

The Colonists in the US British colonies became addicted to the sugar and tobacco grown here, the trading companies exported overseas as well as the tea the British imported into the colonies (remember the Boston Tea Party, the false flag operation against England by the colonists?). Later the British elites made huge profits selling opium around the world.

Today what we are seeing and experiencing in the US is KARMA. Just as the East India Company smuggled opium and traded addictive tea, coffee, tobacco and humans around the world (as did other European trading companies), today the US CIA is a global trafficker in illicit drugs and a major money laundering partner with the giant banks. This nexus of drugs and money is driving much of the US implosion and debilitating addictions. ,

Its ironic most of the Fentanyl that is killing more and more US citizens comes from China (is this payback for the Opium Wars)!  This is merely the tip of the iceberg; addiction and drug overdoses in the US are increasing.”colId”:”Location”,”sort”:”asc”%7D

Now that white people are suffering addiction at increasing rates, it no longer has social stigma. Addiction is no longer propagated as a moral failing or character flaw requiring incarceration; now it is seen as a sickness needing medical and therapeutic treatment, empathy and community support! They didn’t say that when drugs were being dumped in communities of color, while the police looked the other way and their most vulnerable residents were being arrested and incarcerated in the bogus War on Drugs started by Richard Nixon!

Alas even treating addiction (as opposed to locking people up) which in most cases is merely a symptom, is not a comprehensive cure. Until the underlying issues and causative factors are addressed, dealt with and healed, the US addiction crisis will continue to exist and escalate.